Disney Fans! This Artist Can Take Your Favorite Sneakers to the Next Level

Sure, you can walk into a variety of stores and purchase Disney sneakers off the rack, but why do that when you can get a one-of-a-kind pair hand-painted just for you? Artist Angi Mills paints stunning Disney-themed pictures onto some of your favorite sneakers (like Vans and Keds) and sells them made to order through Etsy. She shares photos of all of her work, which also includes hand-painted Magic Bands, on her Instagram account, The Enchanted Brush, and she even posts videos while painting so you can see how much brushwork goes into each pair of shoes.

Right now, her shop is currently closed so she can focus on her current orders, but it should be back up and running again soon. The shoes start at $380 and go up from there, and while it may seem like a steep price, just think about how damn cool you'll look next time you step into your favorite Disney park wearing these shoes. Keep reading to see Angi's stunning work.