These Hot Springs in Turkey Will Make You Forget All About Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Iceland is the hottest spot (figuratively, not literally), for travel right now — and we get it. With cheap flights from the US and sights to see like the Northern Lights and the famous Blue Lagoon, it makes sense that it's on everyone's travel bucket lists this year. But when planning your next trip, you'll want to add a special southwestern spot in the country of Turkey to your itinerary. Pamukkale is home to a jaw-dropping natural site that literally means "cotton castle."

The site has gorgeous hot springs and travertine terraces, which are like stairs of limestone deposited by the springs. The effect is stunning. Visitors can walk through the areas and even take a dip in certain natural pools there. The area, which is also the site of preserved ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, overlooks the city and is a must-see destination.