The Unexpected Vacation Spot That's on the Rise, According to a Travel Expert

Flickr user SD Dirk
Flickr user SD Dirk

Move over, Napa — there's another wine country that's on people's radar. According to Orbitz travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore, the unexpected vacation spot that's been gaining popularity as of late is the Paso Robles wine region. Those of you who are California residents are probably a little surprised or somewhat unimpressed, but Jeanenne says that the Central California destination is quickly up and coming, especially among out-of-state and -country travelers. "If you've done Napa and you've done Sonoma, and you're looking for something different . . . it's home to over 600 wineries."

There's good reason that Orbitz included Paso Robles in its 2017 travel forecast. In addition to the dense population of wineries in the area, there's plenty of little towns along the coast that are worth visiting along the way. San Luis Obispo is only a half-hour drive from Paso Robles, and Morro Bay is only about 44 minutes away.

"It's for wine-lovers and people looking for a warm-weather place that's a little different and one we've identified this year as on the rise," Jeanenne said.

Guess we'll have to check it out for ourselves! Get a glimpse of the beautiful region ahead.