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Questions to Help Choose Inner Peace Over Productivity
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A major part of my journey into adulthood was realizing that I don't always have to show up; sometimes I can simply not be everything to everyone. For me, giving my back-breaking effort to every single thing I touched was a lifestyle and a characteristic I found rewarding. However, somewhere into my late 20s, I realized giving all of me — whether it's my time, effort, or love — felt more like a betrayal to myself.

My favorite analogy, "You can't pour from an empty cup," is a true statement no matter what you're referencing. I cannot give of myself if I have nothing to give. I believe in giving from my overflow, meaning I prioritize myself whenever possible, keeping my cup full, and then whatever is left over can be given to those who need it. So whenever I'm faced with the question, "Who is it going to be today, me or them?" I ask myself a variety of these three questions to put my self-care and well-being into perspective.