This Waterfall in Jamaica Is Like the Entrance to Narnia, and It Leads to a Secret Cave

You know that part in Titanic when Rose says, "You jump, I jump"? Well, it probably would take the convincing of Leo himself to get me to jump down the hidden waterfall "rabbit hole" in Portland Parish, Jamaica.

People have been sharing videos online of brave souls plunging feet first into the unknown at a place called Reach Falls. According to an Imgur user, once you jump into the hole, you enter a hidden cave that has a small hidden waterfall. The back opens up into the main Reach Falls waterfall, and you climb out just above the cascade. When you're facing the falls head on, the secret cave is on the right.

As you watch people go down the hole, it looks like they are disappearing into Narnia or some other magical wonderland that's only accessed via secret portal. Would you dare to take the plunge? See for yourself ahead!