30 Self-Reflection Questions That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Life

As each month flies by and we ask ourselves, "What have I been doing with my life?," we're struck with a little panic. But the passing of time doesn't have to scare us if we check in with ourselves regularly.

Self-reflection is vital for self-improvement. By acknowledging your concerns, needs, and mistakes, you can feel more connected with yourself and live a more fulfilling life. All it takes is stepping back from your busy schedule every now and then to ask yourself some important questions. Not only will you feel more at peace, but you'll also make better decisions and recognize what is missing or abundant in your day-to-day. You'll be less likely to make the same errors and be able to focus on what is within your control. To get you started, here are 30 questions for you to internalize.

  1. Am I taking care of myself physically and mentally?
  2. When was the last time I was scared?
  3. Am I putting enough effort into my relationships?
  4. How could I have improved today?
  5. How did I feel when I woke up this morning? (dreadful, happy, drained, etc.)
  6. Am I happy?
  7. When was the last time I felt most at ease?
  8. What is stressing me out the most right now?
  9. What do I take for granted?
  10. Was I productive today?
  11. What goals have I achieved this month?
  12. Am I actively pursuing my goals?
  13. How can I make a difference today?
  14. What am I most proud of?
  15. Can I be doing more in any area of my life? (work, home, personal life, etc.)
  16. How can I be a better person?
  17. What grudges am I holding?
  18. If I saw myself from the outside, what would I think of me?
  19. How did I handle my last conflict?
  20. What are my values?
  21. Can I be taking more risks?
  22. If money wasn't an issue, what would I be doing right now?
  23. What's my biggest regret?
  24. What do I want to accomplish this week?
  25. Would I want to have a friend like me?
  26. How would I describe myself to a stranger?
  27. Based on my actions, what has been my priority lately?
  28. Am I too hard on myself or not hard enough?
  29. Is anything restricting my creativity or drive?
  30. Do I worry too much about what others think?