27 Ways to Make the World a Better (and Greener) Place

Saving the world is no easy task, unless you're Leonardo DiCaprio and have the power to start a multimillion-dollar fundraising venture dedicated solely to green initiatives (hey, we're not saying you can't!). But who said you have to go all out? Improving the planet can be as easy as recycling old stuff. Every difference counts — big, small, or in between. And so, here are 27 places to begin.

  1. Compost food you'd normally throw out.
  2. Use Earth-friendly cleaning products.
  3. Never, ever litter.
  4. If you see someone else litter, call them out!
  5. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  6. Take shorter showers.
  7. Recycle old tech gadgets . . .
  8. . . . plus bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, aluminum, and more.
  9. Clean out your food cupboards and donate to the homeless.
  10. Plant a garden.
  11. Better yet, plant a tree.
  12. Turn off the water when you're washing your face.
  13. Make your Halloween costume out of cardboard.
  14. Donate to environmental initiatives (like Leo's).
  15. Detoxify your home.
  16. Use fewer napkins.
  17. Go green with your makeup products.
  18. Take notes on your phone.
  19. Upcycle like crazy.
  20. Stop buying plastic water bottles — invest in a reusable one.
  21. Ride a bike or walk when possible.
  22. Carpool more often.
  23. Eat local foods.
  24. Take old clothes to The Salvation Army rather than dumping them.
  25. Turn off the lights . . .
  26. . . . as well as other electronics.
  27. Use a nontoxic lunchbox instead of paper bags.