This Target Employee's Black Friday Pep Talk Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

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When thinking of Black Friday, the most natural inclination is probably to wonder about the crazy-awesome deals you're going to score and the mayhem you'll have to endure to do so. But let's not forget those on the other side of the spectrum — you know, the retail employees who brave the night and uphold the institution of it all. (And if you are or were one of those warrior employees, we salute you.)

In any case, this hilarious video features a Target employee from Maryland (no, it's not Alex From Target) who offers up a stirring, impassioned oration to his fellow employees à la the infamous speech in the movie 300, with a perfectly executed amount of dramatic flair. The entire premise of Black Friday being akin to a Spartan battle is hysterical, but also not that far off, is it?

Watch the video for yourself! My favorite line is, "They come here with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes!" Front Page , Warner Bros.