11 Things Your Barista Wishes You Knew

What do baristas know that you don't? For one thing, that bringing your own reusable cup is more convenient than you think. That's why we partnered with KeepCup on this post.

Piping hot and essential for getting through long afternoons, coffee is a serious part of so many people's day. And if you have a favorite spot for getting your signature caffeinated drink, it's probably become a bit like a second home. Along with being familiar with the cafe's intoxicating scent, you know the lay of the land — including the baristas. But here's the deal: there are a few things you might not realize your baristas wish you knew for the ultimate coffee experience. We're spilling the beans here.

  1. Be smart: Know what you want before you are at the front of the ordering line. And if you aren't sure what the difference is between a macchiato and a latte, hit the Internet before quizzing your barista — especially if it's rush hour.
  2. Get the deal: Most coffee shops offer special deals, which keep you coming back. Ask about punch cards or offers that will save you money. And you can sometimes find discounts online.
  3. Super caff: Want an extra jolt? One cup of coffee already packs around 95 milligrams of caffeine, but you can almost double it with a shot of espresso, adding a feisty 64 milligrams to your brew. The additional espresso doesn't alter the flavor of your favorite coffee, it just heightens it a touch.
  4. Reduce and reuse: Bring your own reusable cup, which may get you a discount on your coffee order and keeps disposable cup waste from piling up. It really is the best way to enjoy your brew on the go.
  1. Mistakes happen: Sometimes drink orders get mixed up, so ask if there are any "mistake" drinks available. Your barista will be happy to offer any that are hanging around, which saves them from getting dumped.
  2. Put down your phone: Your barista is there to efficiently help you get whatever you need, so be respectful and put down your phone while ordering. And be ready to pay after placing your order — really. It keeps the line moving.
  3. Shop around: Just because everyone's talking about a certain coffee spot doesn't mean it's the best. Do a bit of taste testing to find the right cup of coffee for you. And you might be surprised to find the cheaper cafe offers a better-tasting coffee.
  4. Spice it up: Take advantage of the complimentary condiments found by the creamers for adding a bit of flavor to your coffee. You'll find honey, cinnamon, and even powdered chocolate or vanilla for dusting your drink. Your barista will thank you for not asking for a half-pump of flavored syrup or a sprinkle of this or that.
  5. Be patient: Your barista isn't trying to make you late, she's actually working hard to give you the perfect drink. On average, it takes around 20 seconds to pull a shot of espresso and at least 30 seconds to foam milk. Do the math.
  1. Double check: It's totally understandable that you're in a rush and not excited about waiting, but double check your drink before you go running off — or take that first sip. If you aren't expecting a peppermint mocha, it's a bit surprising.
  2. Barista love: Tips are appreciated and remembered — along with a sincere thank you. And when you show some love to your barista, you may get little benefits, like a free top-off or an extra pump of syrup, especially if you're a regular.

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KeepCup started as a solution to a problem — despite millions of disposable cups being sent to landfill, there was no practical alternative. KeepCup saw the opportunity to design and manufacture the world's first barista standard reusable coffee cup. Design your own in a range of colors and sizes and join the reuse revolution at KeepCup.com.