You'd Never Guess That You Could Use a Lint Roller For This . . .

We all know that lint rollers are great for getting unsightly fuzz and animal hair off dark clothing, but did you know that the handy tool can also be used for household cleaning? At only a couple of dollars, lint rollers ($9 for four rollers) are about to become your go-to cleaning tool. Check out these unexpected uses for the simple tool.

  • Cleaning speakers: Instead of distorting the sound from your audio speakers by pushing dust into the mesh, use a lint roller to remove lint.
  • Remedying dirty furniture: When cleaning up after a pet, post-marathon snack, or any other mess left behind on your couch, roll over the offending areas with a lint roller.
  • Picking up loose glitter: Crafty types know the frustration that comes with spilling glitter all over a clean surface, which is why it's handy to keep a lint roller nearby for easy glitter cleanup.
  • Dusting lampshades: Because lamps attract lint and mess, you should clean them with a lint roller every few days to avoid unsightly dust and burnt smells.
  • Safely picking up broken glass: Instead of putting your fingers and feet at risk when cleaning broken glass, swipe a lint roller along the floor to pick up small shards that might have gone unseen.
  • Cleaning out your purse: Lint rollers are perfect for removing all the crumbs and tiny bits of trash that accumulate inside purses and backpacks.
  • Emptying drawers: To easily get rid of strings and fuzz left behind in dresser drawers, run them over with a lint roller.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff