5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Do Before Lunchtime

We've all experienced an afternoon slump, but that's not the only time of day where a pick-me-up is much needed. Powering through the first few hours of work can easily turn into a midmorning crash that requires a quick reboot. So to combat that feeling, we found five simple additions that can keep you focused and motivated to do your best work until lunchtime.

  1. Be a Social Butterfly: Even if you're not BFFs with your co-workers, it never hurts to have a casual conversation about something unrelated to the office. From catching up on the latest pop culture moments from the weekend to gushing over your upcoming travel plans, taking a moment to chat with your desk neighbors for five minutes can be a perfect way to give yourself a quick mental break.
  2. Grab a Midmorning Bite: When you're rushing to get ready after sleeping through your alarm clock or struggling to complete your outfit with the perfect shoes, packing in a full breakfast can be low on your priority list. To prevent those embarrassing 11 a.m. stomach growls, fight the urge to munch on empty calories, and grab something easy, nutritious, and packed with protein. Our recommendation? Snacks with 10 or more grams of protein per serving, like belVita Protein Soft Baked Biscuits.
  3. Make a Game Plan: Everyone has their own way of staying organized, so set aside a few minutes to go over the one that works for you. Whether it's making a physical to-do list, writing in a color-coded planner, or staying on top of your digital calendar, seeing your schedule at a glance is a helpful way to prioritize and plan for the day or week ahead.
  4. Get Mindful: A lot can happen when you mentally remove yourself from your cubicle or workspace. Repeat your go-to mantra, check in on whatever's stressing you out, or take a minute to look away from your digital screens. Since you're likely glued to your phone and computer all day, a quick break to fill your mind with good things may be just what you need.
  5. Press Play: Sometimes all it takes are the right tunes to completely change your mood. To keep you on your work grind, we recommend songs with upbeat rhythms and feel-good vibes or ones that mimic the chill sounds you'd hear in coffee shops. To make this step easier, check out our carefully curated playlist below:

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