79 Productive Things to Do in Front of the TV

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Watching television may not seem like the most productive activity, but it easily can be! While grabbing a spot in front of the tube is a leisurely and relaxing time for many, there are plenty of opportunities to add some productivity to the mix. As your favorite TV show or movie is playing in the background, it's an optimal time to mark some much-needed items off your to-do list. Not only will you accomplish more, but you won't miss your favorite flicks or series in the process!

  1. Catch up on emails.
  2. Sort and organize receipts.
  3. Cut, file, and paint your nails.
  4. Write your to-do list.
  5. Search for a new recipe to make for dinner.
  6. Open your mail.
  7. Organize your purse or backpack.
  8. Address letters or packages you're going to send.
  9. Organize your computer desktop.
  10. Cut out and file coupons.
  11. Update your computer software.
  12. Practice yoga.
  13. Start a DIY project.
  14. Update your social media profiles.
  15. Write a bucket list.
  16. Plan out a budget.
  17. Check for money in the couch.
  18. Search for a job online.
  19. Water your plants.
  20. Browse the Internet.
  21. Delete old apps you don't use on your phone.
  22. Clean up your inbox.
  23. Tweeze your eyebrows.
  24. Clean up your wallet.
  25. Catch up on work.
  26. Pay your bills.
  27. Do sit-ups.
  28. Fold clothes.
  29. Make weekend plans.
  30. Start planning your outfits for the week.
  31. Vacuum or mop the room.
  32. Work on a puzzle.
  33. Iron your clothes.
  34. Do jumping jacks.
  35. Write a letter.
  36. Organize your photos into an album.
  37. Practice Pilates.
  38. Create a meal plan.
  39. Charge your electronics.
  40. Do Zumba.
  41. Knit a scarf.
  42. Write a blog.
  43. Reflect on the day.
  44. Get creative, and paint or sketch something.
  45. Power up with a snack.
  46. Relace your shoes.
  47. Make a list of home-improvement projects you want to work on.
  48. Do some stretches.
  49. Read the newspaper.
  50. Hang picture frames on the wall.
  51. Dust the room.
  52. Drink some water.
  53. Brainstorm ideas for your next vacation.
  54. Write a postcard.
  55. Wrap your loose change.
  56. Lift some weights.
  57. Polish your shoes.
  58. Do push-ups.
  59. Flip through a magazine.
  60. Work on a crossword puzzle.
  61. Untangle any cords you have lying around the house.
  62. Sew a pillow.
  63. Make some jewelry.
  64. Write invitations for an upcoming event.
  65. Work on a quilt.
  66. Pair your mismatching socks.
  67. Organize your pens and pencils.
  68. Wrap presents.
  69. Upcycle an old calendar.
  70. Put your books on a shelf.
  71. Practice an instrument.
  72. Braid your hair.
  73. Write a list of things you need to pick up from the store.
  74. Rearrange furniture in the room.
  75. Change old lightbulbs in the room.
  76. Clean out old recordings from your DVR.
  77. Learn some trivia from a game show.
  78. Organize your DVDs or Blu-rays.
  79. Change the batteries in the remote.