17 Things You Will Be Proud of Doing

Being proud of yourself is a great way to boost motivation and your mood. And you can easily gain that pride through little accomplishments. Give yourself a hug when getting these things done.

  1. Plan a trip: Did you know that people get the most satisfaction out of a trip before they actually travel? Studies have found that people derive the most joy from the anticipation of the upcoming vacation and the feeling of accomplishment you get from planning your trip.
  2. Deep clean your home: Start by following our 30-day challenge that will get your home clean in no time. Nothing will boost your mood more than a clean home. The task of cleaning may seem like grunt work, but it is actually very satisfying when you see your hard work come to fruition.
  3. Sell your stuff: There's nothing more rewarding than unloading your stuff, but selling your stuff? That takes it to another level of pride. You'll congratulate yourself on your savvy selling skills (some tips here) and ability to make a few bucks. After all, one of the biggest reasons we don't get rid of the clutter in our home is because we feel that we're wasting money. But, if we're making our money back and giving it to someone we know will use it, well that deserves a pat on the back.
  4. Cook meals at home: You'll see it everywhere on Instagram and Facebook, people proudly uploading their home-cooked meals. And why not show it off? Making your own meals from scratch is something to be proud of. You're saving money and creating something healthier than takeout food.
  5. Set aside time for loved ones: As you get busier, it's harder to make time for people. Schedule in date night or quality time with the gang regularly. Bonus points for sending out a calendar invite so that everyone is committed.
  6. Add more money to your 401k: You are thinking ahead and planning for your future years in advance, which is an exceptionally smart move. Kudos to you!
  7. Perform a random act of kindness without telling anyone: There's nothing more gratifying than performing a random act of kindness without telling anyone. That way your actions are motivated by doing something for someone else — the purest expression of kindness.
  8. Exercise and eat right: Again, just like saving money for retirement, you are really thinking ahead by exercising and eating right. Keeping yourself healthy will do wonders for your long-term health and benefit you in so many ways. This also takes a certain amount of self-discipline, which you should be really proud of having.
  9. Taking care of your things: It's easy to toss your things around and not take proper care of them. Well, things cost money, and by being neglectful, you are wasting money. Take the best care of your things by putting them away when not in use and properly storing them to make them last longer.
  10. Compromise: Compromising is a humbling lesson that separates grown-ups from kids. It can be painful and hard to do, but you'll soon realize the merits of losing the battle to win the war. Isn't losing a minor argument worth keeping the peace at home?
  11. Unplug: Yes, we may all be glued to our gadgets, but unplugging and turning those electronics off when not needed will give you a much-needed rest. I know it's hard to do, which is why you should be proud of yourself when you digitally detox.
  12. Go to bed early: Going to bed 15 minutes early is a very healthy nighttime habit to pick up. This will help you avoid procrastinating bedtime and will give you a better night's rest.
  13. Read a life-changing book: Start on your journey of self-improvement by taking the first step and reading a book that will make a change in your life.
  14. Start recycling and upcycling: Do some good for the environment by remembering to recycle. Invest in a recycling bin in your home, and try to reuse and upcycle old items when you can.
  15. Tackle a DIY project: Seriously, it's hard to beat the feeling of completing a project on your own. And using the item will keep the glow of accomplishment alive.
  16. Go for regular health checkups: Taking care of yourself and addressing your physical health is something you should be very proud of doing. It's easy to dismiss things and let health problems linger until they build up. Preventative health is key to a happy and healthy life.
  17. Treat your parents: Your parents devoted their lives to raising you, so when you finally get the chance to treat them or take care of them, it'll feel really gratifying. Once you're in the position to do so, I guarantee this will be one of your favorite notches on your belt of life accomplishments.