5 Things You Never Knew About Spirit Halloween

You know it's Halloween time when candy starts to hit the shelves and Spirit Halloween enters vacated strip malls. The dominating costume store has served most of America's Halloween needs since 1983, and with many of its locations decked out like a haunted house, Spirit has separated itself from other seasonal retailers. See five things ahead that you never knew about the company!

1. It's owned by Spencer's.

When the gag gift store acquired the company in 1999, Spirit had already been a presence in malls. But it dominated Halloween by going from 63 stores to 1,300 locations across the nation through its smart seasonal operation.

2. You can buy costumes online anytime of year.

Though Spirit only takes over strip centers and malls from late August to early November, costumes are available for purchase all year long on its website.

3. It makes a lot of money in just those few months.

Spirit is clearly profitable as it's able to open annually for only a short period of time. According to this Reddit thread, Spirit earns nearly half of the company's revenue just within the time it's open for the Halloween season.

4. Spirit donates to children's hospitals.

Starting in 2006, the company began the Spirit of Children program to raise money in-store and online for the Child Life department at partner hospitals. One-hundred percent of donations go toward hospitals to fund educational items like laptops and toys designed for children with physical disabilities. Spirit has raised over $37 million for partners across the country, which has allowed some hospitals to increase staff in the department.

5. It's a tough business to run.

Think about it, Spirit has to literally build each store from scratch every single year. It has to hire and train 30,000 temporary and online operation employees, requiring a smart and efficient strategy to prevent them from falling behind. Leaders fine-tune the plan after every season based on things they noticed could be improved, from color-coding display equipment to creating training videos.