The Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel Is Surprisingly Affordable For How Cute It Is!

We've now added yet another stop to our Disney bucket list: Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel. Just when we thought our hearts were set on the awesome Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, its newer and more affordable cousin stole our attention with its adorable and pink-dominant decor. The lobby itself is enough to visit — check out the teacup seats! But it also looks like guests are choosing this hotel specifically for special occasions based on Instagram photos. It is called Celebration, after all! Many of them festively decorate their rooms with balloons and garland for birthdays and anniversaries, really adding to the spirit of the hotel.

Located in the Shin-Urayasu area, Tokyo Disney Celebration is divided into two buildings: Wish (themed after "dreams and wishes") and Discover (themed after "adventure and discovery"). All the artwork and furniture are inspired by the Disney parks, and you'll recognize some of their favorite characters enjoying the park on their walls.

Because it is one of the more budget-friendly accommodations, guests advise to expect nothing more than the basics, with the main complaint being that the hotel was too far from the park (a 20- to 30-minute shuttle ride). On the plus side, rooms start around $138, the hotel is clean (something you'll notice about Japan in general), and apparently it has great service.

Check out the fun photos to see for yourself!