17 Surprising Life Tips That Will Benefit You Greatly

We're all for little life hacks here at POPSUGAR, and we've found the perfect thread on Quora for cool, unconventional tips regarding . . . everything, from facial expressions to unwritten rules to peeling bananas. So awesome! Here are the best ones (bookmark this page, dear readers!).

  1. "Learn to say 'no' without providing an excuse." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  2. "At fast food chains, ask for your fries to be unsalted and salt your own fries later." — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  3. "The 60/60 rule holds that one minute on the phone will accomplish an hour or more of texts or emails." — Quora user Doug Parker
  4. "Keep close people with whom you disagree." — Anonymous Quora user
  5. "Walk in new cities with a camera looking for at least three different types of shots to take. You will see more of the city and in a different way than others."
    — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  6. "Smile, then ask." — Quora user Rob Hanna
  7. "Unwritten rules, including social etiquette, cultural norms, etc. . . . are not meant to be re-written; they're not written because they're meant to be ignored."
    — Anonymous Quora user
  8. "Sleep." — Quora user Richa Shukla
  9. "Open a banana every time by holding it by the stem and flicking it forward."
    — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  10. "Live abroad at least once in your life." — Anonymous Quora user
  11. "Treat yourself like a best friend." — Quora user Doug Parker
  12. "Eliminate one bad habit a year." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  13. "Toilet seat covers make for great blotting paper." — Quora user Jennefer Chen
  14. "Make 'em laugh." — Quora user Katy Levinson
  15. "Your wife's emotional state is more important than your need to be right."
    — Anonymous Quora user
  16. "Show up early to networking events and parties. Stand near the door and essentially greet people." — Quora user Jennifer Bullard
  17. "Nothing really matters as much as you think it does. No, really." — Quora user Doug Parker