VistaPrint Lets You Make Custom Masks For Only $20

Aug 3 2020 - 5:31pm

If you're going out of your house right now, you should be wearing a mask [1]. If there are people in your life who are a bit more reluctant about wearing a mask, or if you just feel like getting creative, VistaPrint is letting you create a mask with your own design [2]. It's really easy to design your own mask on the site, and then you can order as few as one or as many as 999. Plus, they come in different sizes, so you can make sure they'll fit properly [3]. Now, all we have to do is pick a design!

Whether you want to show off pride for your favorite sports team, hometown, or even your pet, you can put it all on your mask. If you're as plagued by decision fatigue as we are, VistaPrint also makes predesigned masks you can purchase. Basically, the world's your oyster, so get shopping!

VistaPrint Custom Face Masks

Create anything you want on these VistaPrint Custom Face Masks [5] ($20). You can make them just for your family or buy in bulk.

VistaPrint Sunrise Face Mask

This bright VistaPrint Sunrise Face Mask [6] ($18) is cute!

VistaPrint Oxford Face Mask

We like that this VistaPrint Oxford Face Mask [7] ($18) comes with adjustable ear loops to ensure a comfortable fit.

VistaPrint Sketched Face Mask

This VistaPrint Sketched Face Mask [8] ($18) is adorable.

VistaPrint Pinstripe Face Mask

This VistaPrint Pinstripe Face Mask [9] ($18) is simple and effective.

VistaPrint Petals Face Mask

This VistaPrint Petals Face Mask [10] ($18) is vibrant.

VistaPrint Tangerines Face Mask

We like the design on this VistaPrint Tangerines Face Mask [11] ($18).

VistaPrint Red Hearts Face Mask

This VistaPrint Red Hearts Face Mask [12] ($18) comes in adults and kids sizes.

VistaPrint Camo: Black Face Mask

Blend in with this VistaPrint Camo: Black Face Mask [13] ($18).

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