Disney World Costumes That Only the Most Dedicated Park-Goers Will Get

It's one thing to love Walt Disney World, but it's a whole other story to be a superfan who knows the ins and outs of the Florida parks. For dedicated park-goers, it only makes sense to channel their love for WDW in their Halloween costumes by referencing something that only other park-goers might understand. Maybe it's their favorite ride that no longer exists or maybe it's a setting inside one of the parks that means something to them, but whatever the case, these niche costumes will speak to any Disney World-loving fan's soul.


Rides that no longer exist

You can be the "dead" attractions that are no longer at the parks, like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, for one.


The photogenic walls

Walt Disney World has a number of walls that are perfect photo backdrops, so why not be one of those walls?


The Walt Disney statue

Paint yourself bronze and grab a Mickey Mouse friend to be the statue of Walt Disney that's at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.


Ice Gator

Blizzard Beach's mascot, Ice Gator, is a cute, easy DIY option.


Star Tours

Let one of Walt Disney World's rides inspire you, like this Star Tours costume, created in the same colors as the costumes the cast members who work on the ride wear.


Shows that no longer exist

You could also be the gravestones for shows that are no longer playing, like the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights that used to play during Christmas at Hollywood Studios.


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