7 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office While Everyone Else Is Sneezing

The minute you hear that muffled sneeze at the office, it's time to do some serious healthifying to your work area. You can bust through cold and flu season with smart adjustments and daily must dos. You might find after you get used to changing up your routine you'll love how good you feel and how productive you've become.

  1. Sanitize: Sure, it's not the prettiest thing to adorn your desk, but hand sanitizer is essential when everyone's under the weather. You can pick some up for cheap by stashing a bottle in a desk drawer or even making your own, repurposing an old perfume bottle.
  2. Wipe everything: Start your day with a quick swipe thanks to a disinfecting wipe. Clean the items you touch on a regular basis, like your keyboard, mouse, pens, or notebooks. If someone sneezes next to you, it's a good idea to give everything a fresh wipe, which stops those germs from spreading.
  3. Hydrate: Bring healthy juices with you to work that fill your body with flu-fighting antioxidants, then continue hydrating with water all day. Staying hydrated flushes your system — and it's great for your hair and skin, too.
  4. Bring your own: Along with sipping juices, bring your own water bottle and clean it daily. This way, you're avoiding using a cup or glass that's been overlooked and maybe didn't make it through the office dishwasher. Packing your own lunch also cuts down on outside human contact that you can't control. Make it fun with easy lunches that take you through flu season.
  5. Add a plant: Even if you don't have a green thumb, pick up a plant or treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers, which lifts your mood. Having something fresh to look at (and even smell) relieves stress, boosting your immune system. When you're feeling positive, you're less likely to get sick.
  6. Get misty: Treat yourself to a refreshing facial mist for spritzing on long afternoons. You can make your own or pick one up in your favorite scent, giving your little space of the office a quick refresh. It will instantly change your mood, enhancing your work performance. And most essential oils that are used in facial mists are also antibacterial and antimicrobal, which gets rid of lingering germs.
  7. Use a scarf: Drape a pretty scarf over your chair and then toss it on when heading to the restroom or out for midday coffee. You can stealthily use it for covering your hand when opening doors, cutting back on touching all those germy areas. Just remember to take it home and toss it in the wash or a hot dryer at the sanitze setting, refreshing it for another day.

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