16 Luxurious Ways to Be Indulgent For Under $40

When you're focused on getting ahead in life, you are often the first thing on your list that gets neglected. Set yourself up for positive successes in life and give in to some much-deserved luxury. Splurge on a grocery item you always put back on the shelf, pick up a signature scent, or indulge in an afternoon matinee — all without busting your hard-earned budget. You'll feel so indulgent and rejuvenated, leaving you ready to take on anything.

  1. Get a mani pedi: Let's be honest — how often do you kick back and have someone else do your nails? It's so relaxing, and you can even schedule one during your lunch hour, which doesn't cut into your productive day. Bring decadent Lindt LINDOR truffles for enjoying before heading back to the office.
  2. Pair wine and dessert: Treat yourself to a good bottle of wine and some decadent desserts, like crème brûlée, tiramisu, or a rich layer cake. Invite friends over for a taste-testing party, and then vote on the best dessert and wine pairings.
  3. Go for a blowout: If there's a Drybar near you, schedule an appointment for a blowout, which only costs you $40.
  4. Plan a brunch date: Invite a friend or your special someone to a brunch date and savor the delicious food. Most restaurants offer a prix fixe menu so you know what you're getting for the money. Shop around for the best deal and make a reservation.
  5. Change your look: You can also change your look with a fresh cut or color at an Aveda Institute, which offers deep discounts on services provided by beauticians in training.
  6. Buy a silk pillowcase: Along with being great for your skin and hair, a silk pillowcase is so wonderful to sleep on. Pick one up, and you'll instantly notice the difference from that cheap, cotton one you've been using.
  7. Order flowers: Instead of picking up a boring bouquet from the grocery store, order a fragrant arrangement and have them delivered to yourself at work. Enjoy the scent and all the jealous looks from co-workers.
  8. Get a massage: Shop around for a reasonably priced massage and book it. Schedule for right after work so you'll be relaxed all evening. You can usually find chair, foot, or scalp massages for half the price of a full-body rubdown.
  9. Whiten your teeth: You can pick up an over-the-counter kit that will leave your smile looking so much brighter. It's not something you might usually splurge on, so think of it as a little luxury for your face.
  10. Buy new lipstick: Head to your favorite cosmetics store and load up on new colors and products. And $40 can go a long way — depending on how frugal you feel.
  11. Go to the movies: Take the afternoon off and head to a matinee. Get a large popcorn and enjoy spending some time in front of the big screen.
  12. Have dinner delivered: And we're not talking pizza. There are so many online meal delivery services like Munchery or DoorDash that bring delicious dinners right to your door.
  13. Pick up a new scent: Nothing lifts your mood and sets a personal statement like a signature scent. Update your smells with a new perfume or even room freshener that's like a quick transformation.
  14. Take a class: Instead of hitting the treadmill, indulge in a hot yoga class or a SoulCycle session. You'll feel so good afterwards.
  15. Splurge on a grocery item: Wild salmon, a big steak, French cheeses and a soft baguette — pick one item that you usually place back on the shelf and bring it home with you for savoring.
  16. Get a soft throw: There's something so luxurious about a soft blanket for cuddling up with, so pick up a new one for draping over the edge of your couch or even your office chair.

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