Have You Ever Had a Flying Dream? It Could Mean Something Really Great

If you've ever experienced a dream where you're soaring through the air, it's actually a really great thing. Flying dreams are very common and could reflect some positive events happening in your life.

Usually when you wake up with memories of flying, it's because you feel relieved of any pressure or stress you used to have. You feel like nothing can hold you back and the future holds endless possibilities for you. These dreams can occur after a chaotic time in your life has passed and you finally feel at ease.

These dreams could also reflect any big accomplishments you have achieved. If you have recently made progress at your job, in your personal life, or with your finances, flying could be a symbol representing that. You are feeling confident in yourself and it's being reflected while you're resting.

So if you're having flying dreams, there's nothing to worry about! It's actually a wonderful thing. Keep cruising!