Here's What You Need to Know About Target's Generous Return Policy

When it comes to return policies, Target is right up there as one of the best. Generally speaking, you can return almost anything up to 90 days after you purchase it, but when it comes to Target-owned brands, you have up to a year.

As with most stores, Target stipulates that returns should be unopened and unused to receive a full refund. However, in my experience, I've been able to return something I opened or tried out and changed my mind on within a few days, as long as I have proof of purchasing it. And, luckily, Target is able to look up your purchases if you paid with a credit card but forgot your receipt, because everything is stored in its system. So don't fret if you don't have the receipt.

When it comes to items with a stricter return policy, you're looking at electronics, namely. Opened movies, music, and video games can only be exchanged for the same title. For other electronics, you only have 30 days to return them, except during the holidays, when the return window starts the day after Christmas for anything purchased after Nov. 1.

But if there's one huge selling point for shopping at Target, especially with a Target credit card, it's that your return window is extended. Shopping with your Target card gives you 120 days for returns, rather than 90.

Other things to note about Target's return policy:

  • If you got a free gift with a purchase, you don't have to return the gift, but the cost of it will come out of your return amount.
  • If you want to return a large item, like furniture, you might be able to schedule a pickup so you don't have to get it to the store yourself.
  • When returning a gift, you'll get your return as a gift card.
  • When returning something without a receipt that the store is unable to look up, you'll get your return in the form of a merchandise return card. The amount also may not be what you paid for it, as the store has no proof of what you paid.
  • You can return online purchases to the store with the packing slip or purchase info.
  • Additional stipulations can be found on Target's website.