56 Ways to Be a Risk Taker Today

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Everyone gets overwhelmed with the idea of taking a big risk, but putting yourself out there is actually a good thing. Instead of letting the daily grind get to you, mix things up and do something different today. And it's not like you have to do anything super daring — just challenging yourself to be a bit bold might open your eyes to new possibilities and opportunities. Because life should be a great adventure that brings something new every day, right?

  1. Say yes!: Even when you're leaning toward declining an invitation or request, challenge yourself to accept. You might find yourself trying something new or learning an exciting skill.
  2. Take public transit if you usually drive: Switch up your daily commute and take public transit, walk, or bike to work. It's a great way to switch up your day and see things from a different perspective.
  3. Talk to someone you don't know: Stop hiding behind your phone and make small chat in the elevator or while waiting in line.
  4. Let someone pick your meal for you: The next time you're at your favorite lunch spot or cafe, take the waiter's suggestion for your meal.
  5. Write a letter and mail it: Instead of calling or texting, write a letter, and mail it to someone special. This might include a trip to the post office for stamps, which adds extra adventure.
  6. Wake up early and watch the sunrise: Set your alarm and bask in the glory of the sunrise, starting your day in a sunny way. Use the extra time to do something just for yourself.
  7. Cook instead of ordering takeout: Even if you're not culinarily inclined, try cooking your own dinner and see what flavors you can create.
  8. Be a secret superhero: It might seem a bit silly, but fabricating a secret superhero personality encourages you to look at your daily life in a different way. Would Super Green Tea Girl let her co-worker walk all over her or would she use her natural antioxidant powers to stand up for herself?
  9. Make a wish list: Take a few minutes to make a wish list, including everything you would do if you had all the time and money in the world. Now make something on that list happen.
  10. Sign up for a class: If you've been dreaming of learning a foreign language or learning how to artfully throw pottery, sign up for a class at your local community college.
  11. Visit a local tourist spot: Pretend you're visiting from out of town and head to your local tourist spot. Make sure to take lots of pictures and a few selfies to share with your friends.
  12. Go skinny-dipping: Don't be shy — find the perfect spot to do a bit of skinny-dipping and dive in! Or if you're not up for the challenge, take a bath instead of a shower.
  13. Karaoke: Along with being fun, heading out for a night of karaoke is a great way to push your adventurous side to really shine.
  14. See a local band or comic: Search for a local show in your community and head out for a night of entertainment instead of sitting on your couch.
  15. Buy something you normally wouldn't: If you're usually a neutral-color kind of gal, buy yourself a chevron- or flower-print shirt and wear it.
  16. Take a different route home: Your commute can get pretty routine, so switch things up and take a different route home. Even if it takes a little longer, you will get a different view of your surroundings.
  17. Watch a scary movie: Dare yourself to watch that movie you've always been too afraid to watch. Invite a friend over to hold onto.
  18. Venture one hour from your home: Head north, south, east, or west for two hours and see where you end up.
  19. Make a date to do something daring: Sign up for surfing lessons or make a date to go skydiving.
  20. Book a big trip: If Italy is your dream vacation, look into the destinations you would like to visit, along with scoping out hotels. Save all the information and book the trip.
  21. Tell a secret: Trust a friend and tell them something no one knows about you.
  22. Wear bold lipstick: Pick the right hue of red lipstick and wear it all day long.
  23. Draw a picture: Challenge yourself to draw something in front of you. Along with honing your concentration skills, doing a bit of doodling encourages your creative-thinking skills.
  24. Volunteer: Head to your local pet shelter or soup kitchen and offer a few hours of your time.
  25. Train for a marathon: Even if you're not planning on running in a marathon anytime soon, pretend you're prepping for that 5k and start running today.
  26. Join Toastmasters: Never give an awkward toast again and join Toastmasters. You'll hone your communication skills and maybe make some new friends.
  27. Do a DIY: You don't need to be crafty to make homemade gifts and chic decor. And you probably have items in your own home for creating cute DIYs.
  28. Say hi to people on the street: Make eye contact and offer a few hellos while walking at the office or on the street.
  29. Join a bowling league with your friends: Gather a group together, come up with a name, and sign yourselves up to be the next team to beat. Even if you're tossing gutter balls, it will be so much fun.
  30. Introduce yourself to your neighbors: Head on over and knock on some doors. You don't have to make new besties, but knowing your neighbors is a smart way to make connections — and keep your space safe.
  31. Host a themed party: Invite your friends over for a night filled with themed fun. It will be a party everyone will remember!
  32. Go to a movie alone: That totally sappy movie that you really want to see, but your boyfriend doesn't? Go by yourself and make sure to get a large popcorn, too.
  33. Write a love letter to yourself: Write down 10 things you love about yourself and tuck it in your wallet. That way you'll always be able to remind yourself how awesome you are.
  34. Turn off the TV: Get off your couch and do something different. Read a book, do a puzzle — just unplug from electronics for a couple of hours.
  35. Write a letter to the editor: Compose a letter to your favorite magazine or local paper discussing what you love, or don't love, about its latest publication. Hit send or drop it in the mail.
  36. Start a dream journal: Encourage your brain's creativity and your adventurous side, and start a dream journal. Keep track of all the crazy things you dream about, which makes for fun reading at the end of the week.
  37. Go wine tasting: Instead of opening a bottle of wine, go wine tasting and learn more about the process.
  38. Put your phone away: Turn off your phone and talk with friends or family in real life. Make a lunch date to catch up.
  39. Have tea instead of coffee: If you're usually a coffee person, try something different in the morning for a new perspective.
  40. Call instead of texting: When loved ones live far away, instead of texting, give them a call. They want to hear your voice instead of reading lines.
  41. Go to free events in your area: Even if competitive-eating contests aren't your thing, going to free events in your area is an exciting opportunity to learn more about your community and discover unique personalities.
  42. Rearrange your furniture: Or better yet, invite a friend over and let her tell you where your stuff should go.
  43. Get a makeover: Most makeup counters are staffed by talented helpers itching to give those interested a makeover. Sit yourself down and see what happens.
  44. Leave a secret note for someone special: Write a few sentences about what makes this person special to you and leave the note in a spot where it will be discovered.
  45. Ask questions: Stop being afraid of being disruptive and ask questions — especially when you aren't sure or directions aren't clear. You'll thank yourself later.
  46. Try a free workout session: Most gyms offer a free trial before you sign up, so head to one in your area and take advantage of the opportunity.
  47. Spice it up: Challenge yourself to do something sexy and unexpected. Be creative.
  48. Make an "I'm Too Chicken" list: Write down all the things you'd love to try but are too afraid to actually do. Look into doing something on the list today.
  49. Test-drive your dream car: If you've always been curious about what it would be like to drive an Aston Martin, then head to a dealership and take one for a test-drive.
  50. Eat something you've never had before: Not sure about escargot? You might like it!
  51. Test out a new perfume: Instead of wearing your signature scent, try a different perfume. Scents can alter our moods, potentially changing the whole day!
  52. Try feng shui: This concept introduces calm and contentment, making feng shui a smart idea to try in your office or home.
  53. Grow your own garden: Instead of always heading to the grocery store for herbs or scallions, try growing them yourself.
  54. Give yourself a time-out: Our days are packed with doing things for others, so give yourself a time-out and just chill out.
  55. Walk through open houses: You don't have to be house hunting to walk through open houses. And it's definitely something different to do on a Sunday afternoon.
  56. Ask for a raise: Be positive about your work and ask for a raise — but do it without being needy. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll prove to your boss that you're dedicated to your job.