An Astrologer Debunks Your Zodiac Sign's Stereotypes

Mar 14 2022 - 10:30am

If your sun sign [1] is an Aquarius like mine, chances are your horoscope has said you're independent, aloof, and a little on the emotionally detached side. While I personally attest to having the emotional capacity of a robot, it's probably unlikely that that all Aquarians are incapable of being vulnerable. Whether you identify with your zodiac traits [2] at all or not, there's probably at least one stereotype about your zodiac sign [3] that you find questionable. To help debunk some of the most eye-roll-worthy zodiac stereotypes out there, POPSUGAR spoke to TikTok astrologer Astrodim [4] about each zodiac sign's clichés.

What Are the Most Common Aries Stereotypes?

Aries stereotypes: Angry and explosive

The wrath of an Aries may be a real thing, but underneath the layers of this fire sign is a soft, and caring person — even if their emotions get the best of them sometimes. Rather than bottle their aggression and explode, they'll let you know right then how they feel, but it comes from a good place.

"Aries are ruled by Mars [5], which is the planet of motivation and drive," explains Astrodim. "They're very passionate people, so much so that sometimes it can come off as jarring. Their assertive energy often lessens after their energy is expressed. Afterwards, they're joyful again."

What Are the Most Common Taurus Stereotypes?

Taurus stereotypes: Lazy and stubborn

At first glance, a Taurus may give off that they're permanently sluggish, but their lethargy actually stems from them understanding their value. In a way, Taureans work smarter, not harder, so they're not lazy, just very calculated.

"Taureans may be slow to move forward, but it's because they are busy assessing whether something is worth doing so," says Astrodim. "Venus rules Taurus, making them connected to worthiness and value. A Taurus won't waste their time on anything unless it is truly worth it."

What Are the Most Common Gemini Stereotypes?

Gemini stereotypes: Two-faced and fickle

Some say Geminis are inconsistent to a fault, but they just represent duality, and are ever-changing and dynamic. While they may say one thing and mean another, it's not because they're two-faced or fake; it's just that they're open-minded and willing to let their opinions change.

"Geminis are mutable signs who are ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and logic," Astrodim explains. "They are quick thinkers and often change their minds, which is why people may think Geminis are inconsistent."

What Are the Most Common Cancer Stereotypes?

Cancer stereotypes: Overly delicate and weak

Cancers are ruled by the luminescent moon, which symbolizes emotions. These water signs are typically associated with softness and compassion that can easily be mistaken for being extremely sensitive. However, a Cancer's ability to process emotions should never be seen as a weakness.

"Cancer is the opposite of weak," explains Astrodim. "They are often in tune with their emotions, which in turn aids how they make decisions. Being true to how you feel is actually a brave and strong trait."

What Are the Most Common Leo Stereotypes?

Leo stereotypes: Self-serving and attention seeking

When you're ruled by the sun, how can you not believe everything revolves around you? Leos are constantly written off as self-serving, but they're actually one of the most warmhearted signs who are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their own. They also have no problem sharing the spotlight.

"Leos shine so bright that people gravitate towards them," says Astrodim. "Of course, they love basking in the energy, but they often bring their friends along for the ride, too. This is why they seek to have incredible and valuable friends who they can be proud of. They often like to reflect their light to the ones they love!"

What Are the Most Common Virgo Stereotypes?

Virgo stereotypes: Judgmental and critical

If you've ever gotten Regina George vibes from Virgos, it's probably because they tend to give their two cents on everything. However, their constructive criticism is often misconstrued. These earth signs are actually altruists who only want people around them to improve themselves constantly.

"Virgos are known for picking people apart, but they aren't trying to hurt people in the process," explains Astrodim. "Virgos have a great attention to detail thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury, and they like to use that gift to help others be the beat versions of themselves."

What Are the Most Common Libra Stereotypes?

Libra stereotypes: Fake and loves playing Devil's advocate

As the diplomats of the zodiac, it may seem like Libras are playing both sides of an argument, making it difficult to decide whether they're being genuine or not. But it's only because they want to keep the peace and often get caught in the crossfire.

"Libras are often blamed for being fake when in reality they are trying to avoid dramatic situations," says Astrodim, "Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships and harmony. Discord absolutely displeases them, so Libras will use a bit of their charm and smarts to smooth over a situation. They truly just want everyone to be cordial and happy."

What Are the Most Common Scorpio Stereotypes?

Scorpio stereotypes: Hypersexual and curt

While many believe that sensual and mysterious Scorpios [6] are all about sex, underneath it all, these signs actually crave sincere intimacy, whether it's romantic or platonic.

"Scorpios are actually looking for a deep connection," explains Astrodim. "They really want to understand someone inside and out. Their modern ruling planet, Pluto, focuses on emotional intimacy and transformation. For a Scorpio to get to any level of vulnerability, they will use discernment to weed out who is and isn't worthy of their time."

What Are the Most Common Sagittarius Stereotypes?

Sagittarius stereotypes: Noncommittal and flighty

Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter — the planet of expansion — they're often itching for the next best thing. However, this trait is actually a lot more complex than one might think.

"Some people call Sagittarius noncommittal — I say they know when it's time for them to take their exit," says Astrodim. "It may seem that their passions arrive hard and fast, then leave just as fast as they came. However, when Sagittarius is really into something, they will stick around as long as it gives them joy and excitement."

What Are the Most Common Capricorn Stereotypes?

Capricorn stereotypes: Old-fashioned and boring

While Capricorns may seem like these conventional signs that are incapable of thinking outside of the box, that couldn't be further from the truth. Once you get them out of their shell, you may as well throw their stereotypes of being dull and super traditional out the window.

"Capricorns like to keep a reserved attitude to make sure no one or nothing, especially emotions, are distracting them from making the best decisions," says Astrodim. "Their ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of responsibility and authority after all! However, once a Capricorn feels safe to open up to you, you will see their fun, goofy, and vulnerable side."

What Are the Most Common Aquarius Stereotypes?

Aquarius stereotypes: Cold and distant

Too often, Aquarius is accused of being emotionally unavailable. While they tend to be a little distant, they're actually just processing their emotions analytically, rather than feeling them.

"A lot is going on inside of an Aquarian mind," explains Astrodim. "Their modern ruler, Uranus, is connected to interconnectivity. Aquarians are always considering not just themselves, but everyone who is involved in their lives. They want things to be fair to all, so they'll push their emotions aside to think of the most logical way to be considerate to everyone."

What Are the Most Common Pisces Stereotypes?

Pisces stereotypes: Unreliable and self-centered

As much as you want to believe everything a dreamy and romantic Pisces says, it can be true that they can get lost in their own fantasy at times. But that's not to say that the water sign wouldn't give up their free time to help a friend in need.

"Pisceans are often seen as being so much in their own world that they are not reliable," says Astrodim. "Pisces is a mutable water sign, so they have ever-flowing emotions. Their ruling planet, Neptune, is connected to energetic receptivity, so they often feel what others feel, causing them to become drained."

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