How to Stand Out in Your First Job

According to Experts

POPSUGAR spoke with Ahyiana Angel, Anouck Gotlib, and Iza Montalvo to learn the best tips and tricks to ace your first job. Tap ahead to discover their helpful advice.

Being a team player at work or bonding over common interests can help create connections among your coworkers.

Make Genuine Connections With Your Coworkers

It will make a difference in your early career if you take initiative and identify additional ways you can help without being asked.

Take Initiative

While it may be nerve-racking for you, asking questions can make a big impact on a younger employee's ability to grow.

Ask Questions

"Be patient with yourself, but be intentional when designing your career path, and don't do it alone — you can only get so far by doing it all by yourself," Montalvo says.

Maintain Perspective

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