That Are Like Happiness in a Bottle

4 Nail-Polish Colors

For beauty enthusiasts, adding a punch of color to your everyday — with, say, your polish choice — can be a quick way to spark joy. Ahead, see four colors that give an instant serotonin boost.

Yellow — particularly a soft-meets-sunny blend of yellow and orange — is the perfect dose of happy that's more than a "niche, one-season trend," says Rita Remark, manicurist and global lead educator for Essie. 

Yellow Nail Polish

Research has proven pink's psychological impact on people for years. It can spark a sense of joy in uneasy times — making it the perfect hue for your fingernails right now.

Pink Nail Polish

Psychologically speaking, green so strongly symbolizes nature that it's no wonder painting it on your nails can bring a sense of calm and tranquility. 

Green Nail Polish

Any shade of purple — from lilac to amethyst to lavender — can help spark creativity, which makes this the perfect nail-polish color to swipe on if you need a dose of creativity.

Purple Nail Polish

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