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To-Do List Apps

7 To-Do List Apps to Help You Sort Out Your Life

As someone who loves planning and making lists of every single task I need to finish, it's been a struggle figuring out the right way to create a to-do list. I used to write everything down in a planner, but when I was at work, I'd end up writing other tasks on Post-it notes — and they'd never make it back to my planner. After finally giving up my planner, I decided it was time to give in and download an app to suit my to-do list needs. If you're trying to do the same, take a look at the seven apps we like ahead. Most are free to download but include premium features you'll need to pay for.

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1. Remember the Milk

Want a balance between a simple and powerful to-do list app? Try Remember the Milk (free), a productivity app that syncs all reminders on every one of your devices and works with Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. Create a list and share it with others to complete different tasks. You can buy the pro version for $40 a year and get features like unlimited sharing of tasks and color tagging.

Available for iOS and Android

2. Wunderlist

If all you want is a simple to-do list app, look no further than Wunderlist (free). Create different lists with set reminders or due dates, share any list, and add even more tasks to a single to-do. If you're an iOS user, you can also use 3D Touch to see any upcoming to-dos or use the Wunderlist widget to see what's coming up for the day. You can also buy a pro version for $5 a month and upload files "of any size" and choose different backgrounds.

Available for iOS and Android


Plan out all your tasks for weeks in advance and see them all in a calendar view with (free). Like other apps, it also syncs across devices, lets you set reminders, and shares lists with others. You can also add files to tasks and dictate a task. Pay for a pro version, at either $3 a month or $27 a year, and get benefits like custom themes and unlimited files and sharing.

Available for iOS and Android

4. Evernote

Evernote (free) might not feel like an ideal to-do list app, but it can definitely work as one. You can create different notebooks with lists and insert links and files at will. You can tag and search your notes, use the camera to add more information or to scan something, and, of course, share any note with someone. There are two pro options: Evernote Plus ($4 monthly, $35 annually) and Evernote Premium ($8 monthly, $70 annually). The Plus version comes with the ability to see your notes offline, and the Premium one lets you search Word Docs, write on PDFs, and more.

Available for iOS and Android

5. Clear

Keep your to-do list simple yet colorful with Clear ($5), an iOS-only app. Like the other apps, you can create different lists, set reminders, sync across all your iOS devices, and even personalize each list with a specific color. This one has no premium version; pay the cost once and you're set.

Available for iOS

6. Google Keep

Not a fan of Evernote but like the style? Then try Google Keep (free), an app where you can also add photos, links, and more to any list or note. Keep your different notes organized with labels and colors, and even try "location based reminders" — free on this app, but usually something you pay for on others. You can't add reoccurring tasks or subtasks, but if you don't need it, then try this.

Available for iOS and Android

7. OmniFocus 3

For those of you who need a to-do list app that basically manages your life, get OmniFocus2 ($40). Set up different projects, each with subfolders and tasks. Other features include creating tasks and getting location-based reminders, seeing how much is on your plate for the week with Forecast, and choosing between a light and dark theme. The pro version ($60) includes keyboard shortcuts, attaching files, and more.

Available for iOS

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