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10 Best Photography Tips From National Photography Month

Recap National Photography Month With My 10 Favorite Tips!

How quickly the month of May flew by! Although National Photography Month has come to a close, that doesn't mean we have to wait until next year to celebrate our newly sharpened skills — you should be practicing your angles, playing with your camera's settings, and trying out new ways to shoot interesting objects all year long.

Need a refresher? I've picked out 10 of my favorite photography tips from May, and rounded them up here. Got any tips of your own that you learned during National Photography Month? Leave them in the comments, and I'll post them on the main page!

  • Keep a compact in your camera bag — You can diffuse or add light to your photos just like the pros by using a simple mirrored compact you find at the drugstore. You won't have to drop a fortune to make your pics look great, and it comes in handy when you need a makeup touch-up as well!
  • Take great camera phone pics — Even if your cell doesn't have a rock star flash, and is a bit low in the megapixels, you can still snap great shots with these easy tips.
  • Watch your horizon — Keep this tip in mind next time you're photographing landscapes or taking shots outside.

To see the rest of my tips, just keep reading!

  • Get a portable tripod — Tripods aren't expensive, and are as portable as ever — keeping one in your camera bag can come in handy in lots of different situations.
  • Use your flash outside — Prevent unsightly shadows from appearing on your subject's faces by using your camera's fill flash setting when taking pics outdoors.
  • Tips for great pet pics — Photographing your pet doesn't have to be a pain. These tips can help you get things under control.
  • Use tissue paper as a diffuser — Don't have a compact? No sweat. Use some tissue paper (like you find in gift boxes) to diffuse a harsh flash when you're in a pinch.
  • Easily age your pics — Don't bother spending time in Photoshop trying to add an aged look to your photos — this website will do it for you instantly.
  • Mind the Macro — Taking some up close pics? Don't forget to adjust your camera's settings to macro!
  • Understanding the Rule of Thirds — Rules are made to be broken, but this one will help keep your photos looking their best.
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