Say what you will about geeks, but we know how to have fun. I think it's the shared love for detail, adventure and gadgetry combined with a thirst for knowledge that makes most of the geeks I know fun party-goers and dates. So where is the best place to take a geek on vacation? I say the list starts with Hawaii and ends with Paris, but the folks over at EWeek have compiled a list of techie delights I wouldn't pass up either. From the National Computer Museum to a Star Trek bar in Vegas Geek - it's all geek to me. The list includes:

  • The Queen Mary 2 - You might not have expected this famous ship to be home to true geekery, but apparently it features "first-class network architecture," "100-megabit Ethernet cables and a network switch between every pair of cabins." You can enjoy the luxurious boat and still log on to geeksugar 10 times a day.
  • The Quark Bar - The Quark Bar in Las Vegas offers the "geek nirvana" (their words, not mine) - "getting served by a Borg." Enough said.
  • National Computer Museum - Learn all about the PDP-1 restoration project, and expand your knowledge of microprocessors. You certainly won't be the only geek in the crowd.
  • For the rest of the list,

  • International Spy Museum - Located in downtown Washington, the International Spy Museum, includes exhibits such as "The Secret History of History" and a "School for Spies." It also houses 200 spy gadgets from microdots and invisible ink, buttonhole cameras and submarine recording systems.
  • The Geek's Baseball Stadium Tour - You may not care about Wrigley Field, but boy will you love National Historic Landmark HP Garage, in Palo Alto, Calif., followed by a peel at the Googleplex or Yahoo's headquarters in Mountain View. Perhaps you'll have a geek celebrity sighting.
  • Geek Cruises - Imagine a relaxing cruise where you can geek out with your laptop by the pool. Called Java Jam, Opera Odyssey, Mac Mania VII and the Perl Whirl there's no denying the appeal of geeks in a boat.
  • For the complete list, visit EWeek.