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15 Fantastic Valentine's Day Cards For the Geek in Your Life

Feb 2 2010 - 3:47am

Skip the mass-produced store bought cards this year and get your sweetie something unique. Just like them. I found 15 amazing (and amazingly geeky) Valentine's Day cards on Etsy [1] (where else would you find such creative genius?) that will make hearts melt and circuits overload. I hope you're prepared for the cuteness.

Texting Heart

Share your love with someone special with this texting heart card [2]!

iPhone Love

You have your iPhone attached to hand 24/7, so telling someone you love them more than your cell [3] is, like, a lot of love.

Big Kisses

If you can't give someone a big wet one in person, let them know you still care with this sloppy, wet text kiss card [4]!

Circuit Board Love

Even my circuits are melting [5] for this sweet pink and red number.

More Than This

You can print these robots [6] out on business cards or Valentine's Day cards for your sweetie.

Twitter Fan

If you can't get enough of the Twitter, then your significant other will be totally impressed by this declaration [7].

Geeky Hearts

I'm all over these circuit board and pixel inspired cards [8] because of their design but also cause of the fun colors.

Red Love

Simple and straight to the point, these red pixel-inspired cards [9] are perfect for your favorite geek.

Robot Love

This robot flower card [10] is probably one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. I'm smitten.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

See? Robots can love [11].

Robots Have Hearts, Too

This card is so simple [12], yet makes such a statement, no?

Big Love

Daaaang. That's a lot [13].

Hot Chicks

This card [14] not only tells your beloved how hot you think they are, but it also provides a sweet pin to declare it to everyone else.

A and B Side

Nothing says love like a mixed tape, and being someone's b-side [15] is totally romantic.

Completed Robot

This robot's heart [16] is beat, beat, beating for someone special.

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