The New York Times' David Pogue released his second annual Top 10 List — not of the greatest tech products of the year, but of the greatest ideas, individual features, that surfaced. The list, which includes a bevy of items we've reviewed here on geeksugar, pays homage to the sole factor that makes a great gadget: ideas.

Pogue's Top 10 Brilliant Ideas That Actually Worked includes:

  • The Flash-Drive Fuel Gauge - A flash drive with a bar graph that tells you, without even plugging the thing in, how full it is.
  • The Magnetic Power Cord - Standard with Apple’s 2006 laptops, these power cords connect with a powerful magnet rather than a pin or a plug.
  • The Two-Stage Flash - When you push the open button on the Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-L1 and LC1 cameras, built-in flash pops up and faces forward.
  • A Record Radio Button - When you hear a song that you like on one of the Samsung Helix's 70 themed, ad-free music channels, one button-press records that song from the beginning.
  • Music Beaming - The Zune, Microsoft’s new music player, lets you beam songs or photos wirelessly to another Zune.
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