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Cell Phones and Technology on MTV's The Hills 2008-09-23 10:00:20

The Hills Tech Quiz: Episode Seven, "When Lauren's Away"

The title of this week's Hills episode is a perfect way to sum up the drama that ensued when Lauren jetted off to Rome. The girls kept their agendas full and their Blackberrys busy as the plot thickened between Audrina, Heidi, Lo, Stephanie and Lauren. A bit of tech talk but mainly short gadget cameos here and there to keep us on our tech toes. Now it's time for you to take the tech quiz to see how well you were paying attention!

Photos courtesy of MTV

The Hills Tech Quiz: Episode Seven, "When Lauren's Away"

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Spencer showed off a new _________ during this episode.
Correct Answer: iPhone 3G

Spencer upgraded his cell phone and traded in his old iPhone for a shiny and new iPhone 3G in black!

What color was the cordless phone Audrina used to buzz Stephanie in?
Correct Answer: Black and silver.

The cordless phone was black and silver!

Who said, "Lauren is in Italy phoneless, we can't get a hold of her."
Correct Answer: Audrina

Audrina told Stephanie this when Stephanie wanted to talk to Lauren about going out on a date with Doug. Audrina also said that Lauren hadn't responded to her and Lo's emails either.

What "geeky thing" did Heidi and Spencer do at her company's party?
Correct Answer: Take pictures of themselves.

Ahh, the happy couple had to capture the moment!

What make and model of cell phone does Audrina's co-worker Chiara have?
Correct Answer: BlackBerry Pearl

Chiara has a sleek white BlackBerry Pearl!

How does Brody's mom know Doug?
Correct Answer: Because they've talked on the phone before.

When Linda, Brody's mom, ran into Doug and Stephanie at Beso, she remembered him from when they had talked on the phone before.

Heidi's company Bolthouse thew a party for ______ during this episode.
Correct Answer: X Games

Bolthouse threw a big party for X Games, which isn't to be confused with actual "gaming," it's actually an event that focuses on extreme action sports.

Heidi's co-worker Kimberly has what kind of computer monitor?
Correct Answer: Flat Panel monitor.

Kimberly uses a flat panel monitor with her computer.

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