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Geek Culture
The 1 Character Related to Sirius Black That We Didn't See Coming at All
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Troy2449142 Troy2449142 5 years
Most movies these days are geeky. If you care who stars it it, it's probably geeky. A good movie stands on it own and does not need a "name actor" to carry it.
SoulShine89 SoulShine89 7 years
Great, great, great list! It even included some I haven't seen! Any way we could get a pdf version so we can check some off the list? o.O Only one complaint, where was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?
Tech Tech 7 years
@LuniaFloria Oh man, I LOVED Sunshine! I'll watch that again even if it's not on the list :)
LuniaFloria LuniaFloria 7 years
Ha... a LOT of my favorites were on this list... one that didn't make it was Sunshine (with Cilian Murphy).
dragonflymary dragonflymary 7 years
Spaceballs REALLY needs to be on this list...and I'm not sure You've Got Mail really qualifies as a geeky movie! The Manhattan Project should probably be there too...
littlejoy9 littlejoy9 7 years
the fifth element is my fav in the list.
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