Watch a Little Star Wars Fan Receive a Special Prosthetic Arm

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Last weekend, one young Georgia boy's dream came true thanks to the help of a fellow Star Wars fan and the magic of 3D printing. Seven-year-old Liam Porter was all smiles when he received a custom prosthetic arm modeled after a clone trooper's, along with a helmet fitted specifically to him. After catching a movie with friends, Liam was greeted by Imperial Stormtroopers who led him to the theater's party room, filled with all his family and friends, where a new left arm awaited him.

The prosthetic was created by John Peterson, who put together a 3D printer and looked to e-NABLE, a nonprofit that puts people in touch with those who need custom-printed limbs, like Liam. John and Liam were matched because they both live in Augusta, Georgia. The arm John created has a clamp to pick up different objects and a rail system to slide different attachments onto it — just like Luke Skywalker's new arm in Star Wars V!