Getting a new smartphone is so exciting, but loading it up with apps? Well, that's serious business. There are a lot of crap apps out there, but mixed in are some truly helpful and handy ones that you should download as soon as you break your new Droid X out of the box. For example, these five apps that will have you rocking and rolling long after the new gadget glow wears off.

  • Google Goggles — I can't say enough good things about Google Goggles, since it not only helps you translate foreign languages, but you can even search the Internet using photos instead of words. I'm speechless.
  • Kindle for Android — Get all of your downloaded books sent to your Droid X so you can read on the go. How can you not — it's free!

See the rest of my list after the break.

  • CraigslistChecker — If you're a Craigslist junkie — getting everything from new gadgets to jobs on the site — then you need CraigslistChecker, which can keep you within an arms-length of your feed so you can hop on those deals with quickness.
  • MobileDefense — The answer to Apple's Find My Phone service, MobileDefense lets you find out where your lost phone is in real-time on a map, then remotely lock, backup, and wipe its contents.
  • Layar — I was fired up about Layar when it debuted last year, and now you'll finally have a phone worthy of its augmented reality awesomeness!