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5 Favorite Gadgets

My 5 Favorite Gadgets!

There are some gadgets you just can't live without. For me, there are five of them! If you haven't waxed poetic about your favorite gadgets in our community group yet, then now's the time — take a snapshot of the five gadgets you can't live without and post them there, or just share your top five in the comments below. I'll round up some of my favorites — yours may be featured on GeekSugar!

  • iPhone 3GS — You've heard me go on and on about how my iPhone pwns, so it can't be denied that it's now an appendage, not just an accessory. My iPhone keeps me up-to-date on news, emails, and texts, but still lets me socialize on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and more.
  • Nintendo DS Lite — The go-everywhere console, my Nintendo DS has been around the world, keeping me entertained while on the road, or while chilling at home.

To see the rest of my five favorite gadgets, just read on.

  • HP Mini 1000 — It's a few years old, but my HP Mini 1000 is still rockin' and rollin'! The ultra-portable PC fits in nearly all of my bags, and is light enough so I can take it virtually anywhere — tote it onboard a plane, or work while at the coffee shop.
  • Canon T1i — This DSLR camera changed how I looked at photography. Now, I don't just take pictures, I capture moments in time.
  • iPod Nano — My unwavering gym buddy never tells me to just stay home — it's ready with my favorite tunes, and doesn't run out of juice in the middle of a workout . . . as long as I keep it charged, that is!

Your turn — tell us about your five favorite gadgets in the comments below!

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