I'm officially a Kindle addict. Although I've enjoyed my Kindle 2 for quite some time now, I couldn't help but get a taste of the latest Kindle, which just so happens to be smaller and lighter than the previous model. It's an amazing little gadget, and one that I keep in my bag at all times thanks to the simple and chic Amazon cases that turn my ereader into a Moleskin look-alike.

But you don't have to get behind a Kindle in order to spring for an ereader — I have pals who own Nooks and Sony Readers, too, who have fallen equally in love. Why do you need to get one right now? I've got five reasons to start you off right here.

  • You'll read more — In just the first week of carrying around the new, smaller Kindle, I've blown through two whole books, most of which I read during my commute.
  • Lots of freebies — There are tons of free titles in the Kindle book store, as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook store, for you to browse and download. Buying virtual books has never been cheaper!

See the rest of my reasons to grab an ereader after the break.

  • You'll expand your horizons — I'm reading books I never thought I'd get a chance to read thanks to the previously mentioned points, but also because I'm able to choose a title and download in a snap. No trips to the bookstore required.
  • They're ultra portable — Like I said, I carry this thing everywhere, so I'm always able to whip it out and pick up where I last left off. Which means I . . .
  • Never get bored — Those long commutes and flight delays are no longer tear-your-hair-out boring thanks to your ereader. Plus, downtime at home can be spent working through a new novel, instead of rotting your brain during reality TV marathons.