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5 Things the Apple iPad Doesn't Have, But Should

5 Things The Apple iPad Should Have, but Doesn't

It seems to be Apple's MO to release a groundbreaking device, but to leave a few essentials off the roster right out of the gate. Unfortunately, the iPad is no exception. Although rumors of the iPad coming with gold-plated wings were (obviously) unfounded, there are a few "rumors" I would have liked to have seen come to fruition for the initial launch.

  • Multitasking: As I've learned during my iPhone vs. Droid series, pretty much everyone else can run multiple apps at the same time except for me and my iPhone. Yes, I can play songs via the iPod and run other apps, but I'd love to, for example, queue up Pandora while checking my email.
  • Ports: I think we've been down this road before. Does the name MacBook Air ring a bell? With only one connector port and a headphone jack, the iPad is a connectivity nightmare, since you'll have to buy adapters for everything from USB to SD cards. Not to mention that you're restricted to a wireless-only connection without an Ethernet port.

To see the rest of my list, just


  • Camera: For me, this is a biggie. If I'm supposed to share the iPad with my family, or use it as a secondary computer, at least give me the functionality of some of your best Mac features: video iChat and Photobooth. Not to mention new and developing augmented reality apps that require the use of a camera. Hello, Google Goggles?! I want that on my iPad.
  • Flash Support: Too bad the iPad doesn't support flash, because we'll all be missing out on some of the great content and websites out there nowadays that are flash-based. Oh, and Hulu? Forget about it.
  • A Stylus: I think the iPad would be an amazing creative force for artists to churn out great comics, drafts, sketches, and so on, but without a stylus to do detailed work, the iPad seems more like a toy and less of a legitimate tool.

You've heard my opinion, now tell me — how would you change the iPad? Would you change anything at all?

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FjordPrefect FjordPrefect 7 years
Multitasking: That's coming, iPhones have it now. Ports: Yep, more ports would be nice. And then you'd need more device drivers, and then those would have to be signed by Apple, and then you have a slower and less stable device and a more bloated OS. But sure, more ports, why not? More is better, right? Camera: That's coming. Flash Support: This is sort of a bummer, but then I've tried to use Flash on my PSP and I've yet to get it work at all, it just hangs the system. I don't need that buggy resource hog infecting my lovely iPad. Even with Flash working on some devices (Wii, PS3) Hulu locks itself out of those machines anyway (someone should sue them! Help, help! I'm being repressed!) But Hulu has an app for that now so check this one off the list. A Stylus: Lack of a stylus makes it a non-legitimate tool. Right. That's your own issue you need to get over. Never mind the iPad launched with an Office-compatible suite of apps right off the bat (iWork). There's no stylus on my computer, does that mean I can't do real work on it? Apple spends a lot of time selecting the features they implement, unlike most companies that just throw every new technology under the sun into their products (cough, cough, Sony) They're not perfect, as we've seen with the iPhone 4, but they get it right more often that not. Microsoft, the world's largest software company with close ties to the world's largest tech hardware companies couldn't make people want a tablet computer. But somehow Apple did. Let's go pick on someone else for a while. Hey, how about you spend some time talking about how the EVO got bricked by a system update. Now that's news I'd pay for!
franciepants franciepants 7 years
The funny thing about all these "iPad doesn't have" is that I am sure people will still buy it. Because I am one of them. I am all too familiar with what it is lacking, but I guess for me, if you try to truly understand what it offers, then it isn't a bad sell. Even with it's camera, the iPhone camera quality is lackluster compared some other mobile phones with cameras that actually come with flash. And someone already mentioned how difficult it is for a stylus to make sense for a capacitive (vs. a resistive) touch device. For me, I'm drawn to the iPad's ability to as an e-book reader, and really, e-magazine viewer. Most inexpensive netbooks also lack in the varying computer ports one may find on a "real" laptop and desktops, that the iPad, for me, is also a good replacement for a netbook when I travel. And since I will be using the iPad more for traveling, I'll already be carrying a real camera. As much as we think we want one, there will never one device that will answer the needs of everyone. Because I still see people with iPhones carrying around a cell phone, a camera, and a laptop.
VigTheGeek VigTheGeek 7 years
But it's not SUPPOSED to be a serious tool. I'm with you on the lack of camera 10000% and I'd LIKE to have all the features you mentioned. However, I'm not surprised to see any/all of them missing. There is a fundamental problem with adding most of them to this particular device. It's not a computer. At the most elementary level a mobile touchscreen device and a full fledged OS don't match. Flash is never going to happen on a mobile Apple device. That OS won't allow it. Look to HTML5 to ease your woes. You can get a stylus right now for your iPhone. Just make sure it's got capacitive abilities and it'll work. Look at my name... Vig The Geek was disappointed because I went in expecting more. But... like all Apple products, it does exactly what it claims it will do and it will do all those things well.
midori0e midori0e 7 years
Well iPad will be an interesting toy to play with if I can get one for free to test on otherwise, I am :( of the 3G feature instead of 3Gs.
velvetme velvetme 7 years
and flash may be an industry standard today, but html 5 is more efficient and universal. safari already supports bypassing flash in favor of the less resource hungry html 5...which is also coincidentally NOT something everyone has to pay to develop for (like adobe) and host bandwidth for
velvetme velvetme 7 years
this is kind of crazy. why would i hold up a TABLET to take a picture why would i want a TWITTER alert when i am reading what could i possibly want to stick the device to that i cant do with bluetooth or the dock? crazy
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
If you want any of the above things - buy a netbook! As Steve Jobs said in his keynote - netbooks are basically rubbish & Apple don't want to have anything to do with them. You want ports? Buy a computer ! You want a camera? Buy a computer ! The iPad is not meant to replace your computer, or your iPhone. It's the nice little niche in between the two. Why do you need a camera on something which is basically going to replace *everything you do on paper*? You'll be able read books, play crazily interactive games and surf the web. What more do you want from a 1.5lbs machine with it's own Apple designed processor? I think anybody with these kinds of concerns just needs to stay away from the iPad and maybe update their views on technology a little.
Lola-Di Lola-Di 7 years
wow, this sounds awful 0__o
Anne26 Anne26 7 years
I like it but I don't think I will be interested in getting one. I have a new iphone and a new macbook previously powerbook G12 and I have the ipod touch. I think if I get the ipad I meant lose my social life because I really can't have that much technology where it distracts me. It's too much. I need to know my limits. :-)
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