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58 Percent of Adults Don't Know About Social Networking

Social Networks Are Lost on Most Adults

I thought everyone knew what a social network was, especially since you really can't get away from them these days. But apparently you guys are on the cutting edge of trends, so give yourselves a pat on the back! Why? Well, a recent report says that 58 percent of worldwide adults surveyed are totally clueless about what a social network is. I know, I know, I'm shocked too.

Even more surprising, a whole 30 percent of Americans couldn't tell you what Myspace or Facebook is, let alone describe what Yelp, Loopt, or Sonic Living are about, since they are totally oblivious to the popular networking trends! My heart breaks a little to know that a big chunk of our nation's adults still don't understand the joys of Twitter, let alone all the great wines that are just waiting to be discovered through one of my social networking faves. I guess I'll have to start a grassroots campaign to educate the social network deprived out there — you know, take it to the streets!

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glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
I'm 32 and use Twitter, Facebook, TeamSugar and have a blog on Blogspot. I really need to get on one of those wine networks though! A lot of people the I know that are around my age don't even use or know of any of the social networks.
GoingLikeSixty GoingLikeSixty 8 years
I'm not only an adult *gasp* I'm a *shudder* OLD adult. Sixty. I share your feelings. I evangelize on the fun I'm having with the social nets, and adults 18+! eyes glaze over unless they are already involved. If they are involved, they are shocked that I am too! I have a colleague that teaches a college course for budding journalists about using the web effectively. Almost all have a MySpace page, but they don't blog, don't read blogs, and don't have a clue what RSS is (not social net, but you know...) It's just so damn fun! I just wish I could get more people involved. BTW: I abhor the geezer blog/websites! I slowed way down on Facebook and Twitter because I have four blogs I maintain, plus I love to comment. (durrr)
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
Macgirl said: "Between a very demanding family life and career it is hard to keep up with one let alone many of these sites." Thank you! The reason these things are so popular with people college age and younger is because they have the spare time to sink into something like that. I know Macgirl has a busy tech job like me, and after spending 8+ hours a day staring at a computer screen, the last thing I want to do is go home and check 5 different social networking sites. It's kind of like when I was in high school and had plenty of time to post on (yeah I'm old skool like that!) and memorize lyrics to songs and stuff...
verily verily 8 years
My sisters made a MySpace account for my mother and now she likes to use it. It makes it easier for her to post up something that all five of us kids can see and respond to. My dad doesn't bother with that stuff though. I honestly only use MySpace for communicating to other family members and a few friends. It's just like another version of email and Flickr to me. I don't bother with the other social sites like Friendster or Facebook.
DigitalAngel DigitalAngel 8 years
Our parents aren't as bad as you think. They may have been networking longer than we have. Think Angie's List. It's just more of a niche market and has to have purpose. LinkedIn is gaining popularity (at least in IT circles) because it has a specific purpose. Things like Facebook and MySpace are time wasters. With families and careers, there's just no time.
Blackthorne Blackthorne 8 years
I am 31 and use a few social networks. They include *Sugar, delicious, flickr, wesabe, and only because i want to see one or two peoples pics - myspace. (I hate myspace with a passion). I don't utilize them to the fullest; I am much more of an introvert. Wait I forgot the best social network ever. Librarything :)
gemsera gemsera 8 years
I'm 24 and am on facebook. I think it pays to keep using the one that most of your friends are on. Facebook is it for me. myspace etc... if I wanted my own website id bloody build one. Its nice to have an easy way to send quick messages to people you might otherwise forget. But I think im getting old in the sense that I really dont care for it 90% of the time.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Oh boy... So at 36 I've been on friendster for many years- although relatively inactive the entire time. Been on Myspace for about 4 years and pretty low key but have gotten back in touch with quite a few people I knew in high school and college. Have been doing loopt since the iPhone app came out and just VERY reluctantly started participating in Facebook due to my Loopt friends being disappointed that there weren't more Loopt'ers out there. I will be very honest- I just don't have the spare time. Between a very demanding family life and career it is hard to keep up with one let alone many of these sites. I don't even have the time to figure out what all the different aspects of facebook are. W T F is a superpoke?? ;-) I'm starting to feel like my grandma who thinks the answering machine and vcr are high end technology ;-)
MissMarisol MissMarisol 8 years
My sister who is 25 thinks they are silly. She doesn't understand the benefits of it.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 8 years
of them*
angelinemarie angelinemarie 8 years
most of the adults in my life dont know what they are either and sometimes they get the names of the mixed up. like ive heard them call facebook "myface"...
EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
To be fair, social networking sites are popular with younger adults, not with people my mom's age. Also, I think these things are geared towards more urban/suburban populations (not that I have any data to back that up), so if they went out to the boonies and asked a bunch of old farts, the results would be kind of skewed. Nobody asked ME if I knew about these sites....
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