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6 Humiliating Ways to Get Dumped

Tech Dating 101: At Least You Didn't Get Dumped Like This

We've all been there — you fall in love, flowers bloom, the sun shines, everything is great . . . until you get that phone call that starts with, "We need to talk." You know what comes next — you're getting dumped. And although breaking up face-to-face may be rough and super emotional, let's get real — there are worse ways to get the bad news. Dating is hard enough to begin with, and tossing our obsession with technology in the mix? Well, it's easy to see where people get confused about what's appropriate dating behavior and what isn't. I've rounded up six situations where technology has bitten us in the backside, and being dumped these ways couldn't be more humiliating. Take this as a lesson: don't let technology be a lame crutch — dump others how you would want to be dumped!

Find out my top six most humiliating ways to get dumped when you


  • The breakup text: Although 93 percent of you say breaking up over text is heartless, the fact is, it happens. I'll put it to you this way: if your significant other checks his texts during "business time," it's pretty likely that he'll use his favorite way of communicating to do the breaking up as well.
  • The Facebook fiasco: If people think it's OK to fire their employees over Facebook, it's likely that there are plenty of Facebook breakups happening as we speak. If that's not bad enough, you then have to go ahead and change your relationship status and sit through the barrage of condolences from your friends.
  • The voicemail substitute: Here's to hoping that all those sweet voicemails you saved at the beginning of your relationship don't turn into the one you'll never forgive. Breaking up over voicemail is just gross. Don't be "that guy."
  • The blog post back out: It's a slippery slope that dating blog. Once you start getting into people's personal lives online, it becomes hard to distinguish which subjects are a-OK to broadcast, and what's TMI. Breaking up with someone via a blog post? I'd say that's pretty easy to differentiate, but in case you were wondering — way over the line. Don't let your dating woes (and lack of decency) become fodder for your readers.
  • The email explanation: There's nothing worse than getting a lame breakup email explaining everything your ex couldn't say in person. Well, maybe there are worse things. Take for example . . .
  • The Twitter trick: Breaking up in 140 characters is probably the most humiliating way to end a relationship (albeit very on-trend wouldn't you say?). Hopefully, your now-ex would have the decency to send you a direct message instead of a mass tweet for all his followers to see.
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aluminum-origami aluminum-origami 7 years
A few years ago, I had been dating a really lame dude for a month and a half, he broke up with me via text message. I told him I refused to accept that because we were not junior high kids and told him he had to break up with me to my face. So he drove to my apartment and just started crying and apologizing, saying he didn't mean it and didn't really want to break up with me, blah blah blah. I then told him it was over and walked away.
trinalina trinalina 7 years
I was dumped by an email while I was getting ready for my aunts birthday. From my very first boyfriend after a year and a half together. It was really hard but thankfully after finding out how bad I was doing we met face to face. Helped a lot.
dexaholic dexaholic 7 years
I was dumped via text message. I started casually seeing this guy (shortly after ending a 14 year relationship); we were just hanging out and having fun together. But then he sent me an "I need space, I can't handle the pressure..." message. I was pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing.
PrincessOats PrincessOats 7 years
I got dumped via MSN Messenger last year - and it took me like five times longer than it usually would have to get over it because of the impersonal nature. I was so furious.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
all i have to say is - if you're going to change your fb status, set your privacy so it doesn't get announced on everyone's facebook walls before you do it!! it will save you sooooo much hassle!!
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