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6 Reasons Why Caprica City Could Be Seattle

Is Caprica City Really Seattle?

The new Syfy series Caprica is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on TV. Not only is it well written, but it gives you that warm familiarity of Battlestar Galactica without stepping all over its toes. If you know your Battlestar history, you'd know that the series starts off on the planet Caprica, then travels many light years away to eventually find the Earth we know today. So why are there so many striking similarities between Caprica City and modern-day Seattle? Could it be that Caprica City is actually Seattle in an alternate reality? I have a few examples of this reasoning, the most obvious is the iconic Pike's Place Public Market sign we keep seeing during the show's cut scenes. Where else in the galaxy would you find that!?

I've done some digging and came up with five more reasons why I think that Caprica City is based on the Northwestern town . . . or actually is Seattle somewhere in time. Find out more after the break.

  • Daniel Graystone is Bill Gates: Both men are mega-successful when it comes to leading the technology industry — Daniel Graystone's Holoband is used around the world, but finds itself being compromised too often by hackers. Such is Bill Gates's Windows PC.
  • Extravagant houses on a lake: If you've ever taken a drive around Lake Washington just outside of Seattle proper, you'll find huge mansions overlooking the lake, surrounded by lush pine trees. I think Daniel lives somewhere between Madrona and Mercer Island.
  • Monorail system: Seattle is known for its downtown monorail system, which was built in 1962 for the World's Fair. Since then, the city has attempted to expand the system to travel south to the nearby SeaTac airport. Unfortunately, the project is incomplete — maybe they need a Daniel Graystone to help out with the final stages?
  • Bustling shipyard: In the latest episode, Lacy goes to meet Barnabus at a shipyard, which means that Caprica City would have to be near a large body of water, able to accept large ships and shipments — just like Seattle.
  • The sports team: The Caprica Buccaneers have a nickname: The C-Bucs. When Thomas Vergis approached Daniel Graystone about buying the "C-Bucs," I swore he said "Seahawks," Seattle's football team. Coincidence? Maybe.

What do you think — are there enough similarities to convince you that Caprica City really is Seattle? Or even better — what Seattle could look like in the future?

Photo courtesy of SyFy

DragonHawker DragonHawker 7 years
Ok, we all know that syfy films a lot of shows in Vancouver.(Stargate-The Sentinal- BSG - Caprica). HOWEVER, they aren't referencing Vancouver. In Caprica I saw a lot of similarities as well.I also live here. I didn't see the Pikes Place Public Market sign though. I'll check that out. Do they have an equivalent for Starbucks? LOL However, I am a HUGE Seahawk fan and I noticed the "reference" to the Seahawks. I wouldn't say Gates, but rather Paul Allen. Another reference , to me anyway, is in 106-Know Thy Enemy. In the museum, not only do you see the totems, but also the sculpture that Graystone and Vergis are speaking by. A 3D representation of the Seahawk. Its very cool. I knew they were referencing the Seahawks and Seattle, and its cool I found others who thought so as well. It could very well be that Caprica is a possible future Seattle. But when the Cylons come out, I'm heading up to Mt Rainier.LOL
TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 7 years
I love the show. I never noticed the public market sign but durning the pilot the house on the lake and the monorail instantly made me think of the Northwest. And I guess some scenes are filmed in Vancouver.
lauren lauren 7 years
I am going to have to keep an eye for any other similarities between the two!
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