42 Problems Today's Kids Will Never Experience

As great as '90s tech was, it definitely came with some problems. Getting kicked off AIM? Not cool. Here, check out the worst of the worst, and let us know if you suffered through any others.

  1. Having to get off the Internet because someone needed to make a phone call ("Mooom!")
  2. The VHS player eating your tape (same for audio cassettes)
  3. Trying to fix your N64 video games by blowing in them
  4. Leaving the floppy disk with all your homework at home
  5. Sitting by the radio all day to record your favorite song on tape
  6. Only having one photo left on your disposable camera
  7. Brainstorming a rEaLlY cOoL AIM name
  8. Not watching the Disney Channel or MTV because you didn't have satellite or cable
  9. Calling your crush and his/her parents answering the phone
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  1. Rewinding a Blockbuster movie because the previous person wasn't very thoughtful
  2. Your favorite CD not coming with a booklet with song lyrics
  3. Owning a Discman with no skip protection
  4. Having to start an N64 game all over again because someone tripped on the cords
  5. Not being able to figure out three-way calling
  6. Getting a scratch on your favorite CD
  7. No moves left in Solitaire
  8. Not knowing how good or bad your photos would be when they were developed
  9. The Tamagotchi's buttons not working and your pet dying as a result
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  1. Trying to use a fax machine
  2. Choosing which color to use for your AIM profile
  3. Getting to the TV Guide Channel after your favorite channel had passed and having to wait until it scrolled back again
  4. Breaking the tape deck in your mom's car
  5. Taking forever to find any program through the Windows 95 Start button
  6. Getting dysentery on the Oregon Trail
  7. Losing your Encarta CD right before a school project.
  8. Your computer freezing every time you used the Kid Pix stampinator
  9. Not being able to turn off predictive text on your Nokia 3210
  10. Losing your CD wallet full of your favorite jams :(
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  1. Waiting 90 hours to download something from Netscape Navigator
  2. Getting a square piece when you needed a long piece in Tetris
  3. Accidentally walking across grass on Pokémon and being challenged to a duel
  4. Running out of Game Boy batteries and stealing ones from the TV remote
  5. Using a pen to rewind your cassette
  6. Not being able to go online because you ran out of free AOL CDs
  7. Making short cell phone calls because only the first minute was free
  8. Hearing this dial-up sound when you were trying to get online
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  1. Hearing busy tones for everything — the modem, the phone
  2. Using two VHS tapes for Titanic because it was so long
  3. Not being able to open the plastic wrapping on CDs
  4. Waiting one hour for film to develop
  5. Seeing a printer error on your Game Boy camera
  6. Y2K