Last week Sony debuted an affordable line of Sony VAIO laptops, the NW series, that can support Blu-ray discs. The news is great and is continuing the trend of laptops being able to support Sony's high-def disc technology, including an even cheaper Blu-ray laptop from Acer, just announced yesterday.

But it's hardly the simple format roll-out previously seen for, say, DVDs — Steve Jobs famously called Blu-ray "a bag of hurt" just months ago, when asked if we'd see it on Macs anytime soon.

Although I'm psyched about the possibility of being able to watch my Blu-rays on my laptop, it's not a huge deal breaker for me — if I want to take high def movies with me, I'd download the digital copy from the Blu-ray or buy an HD movie on iTunes. Who wants to lug more stuff traveling anyway?

Of course I realize that some people have more important uses for Blu-ray on their laptop; I'm just not one of them. Do you care about getting Blu-ray support on your laptop?