Seriously, keeping up with all my social networks could be a full-time job. Between Twittering my latest obsession, to updating my Facebook profile, I feel as though I should be getting paid to network. Oh wait. . .

So it would be insanely awesome to have just one place to go to keep up with the on-goings of my pals, get instant updates on the latest Tweets, and even IM my friends. Dreams, meet reality. His name is Yoono. Yoono is a free Firefox add on that lets you do all that in one little sidebar. Plus, it's pretty easy on the eyes.

To see which sites Yoono supports, just


Yoono can keep you up on your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Myspace, Aim, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, and Imeem accounts so you don't have to log in to the sites separately to update a thing — it's all in one spot on your browser! How convenient, indeed.