Even if you don't want to get away to some electricity-free island and break free from your tech, I bet everyone appreciates the short break from remote communication you get while flying. When I see one of those antique in-flight phones, I thank God they were too much of a hassle to use, because if someone near me in our ever-decreasing-sized seats were gabbing away, it would go something like this — Me: bald Britney with the umbrella, them: the SUV.

So, cell phone enthusiast though I may be, I'm not exactly excited about Air France's testing out in-flight calling. It's only on a trial basis for now, and Air France has said they'd discontinue the service if calls became a problem, but I can't see this NOT becoming a problem. Sure, you say, if it's for emergencies only, it might be OK, but I already know plenty of people for whom EVERYTHING is an emergency. So, holla: Would you call someone in an airplane?