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When I think of Alan Alda I think of M*A*S*H and grandpas, so I was a little shocked to read his interview with Switched, in which he reveals he's all about tech.

In fact, Alada's interview shocked me even more than the one Switched did with Jackie Collins, who also admitted she uses gadgets and gizmos for work. Alda seemed to be up on studies that show teens use texting instead of e-mail and, unlike the rest of us, he has a valid excuse for using his iPod — he's learning lines. What else did he reveal?

What gadgets do you always bring with you to the set?
Alda: My cell phone, laptop and iPod. I use the IPod to learn my lines.

What cell phone do you have right now and what do you love or hate about it?
Alda: Cingular 8125. It has broadband and a real keyboard. I've gone to Europe with it instead of a laptop and written parts of my book on it.

Who's the last person you sent a text message to and what was it about?
Alda: I texted one of my granddaughters to say hi. Like a lot of kids, she hardly uses e-mail anymore.

For the complete interview, check out Switched.

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