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Amazon to Offer Digital Downloads for TV

Amazon has announced it will soon offer TiVo subscribers the ability to play movies and television shows either rented or purchased on its site - this just a day after Wal-Mart joined the movie-download business by launching downloads from their site. "Unbox on TiVo" will offer thousands of TV shows and movies.

Amazon's service charges $1.99 for television episodes and between $9.99 and $14.99 for most movies. Rentals start at $1.99. How does it work?

If you're an existing TiVo subscriber, just visit the Unbox section of the Amazon website, where you'll be able to purchase or rent the latest films and television shows and have them sent over the Internet and right onto your TiVo Now Playing List, so you can watch them on your big-screen TV.

Want it?
The companies are testing "Amazon Unbox on TiVo" in a few hundred homes for an undisclosed period. You can sign up to be notified when the program is available for wide release.

How long will it take to download Unbox videos to TiVo?
Download times will vary depending on your actual Internet connection speed and the length of the video. With a fast broadband connection (5 Mbps), a movie can download in about an hour, while a 1-hour TV episode can download in about 30 minutes. However, on a slower broadband connections (less than 1 Mbps), a movie could take up to 5 hours.

geeksugar wonders...
Why would you pay $1.99 for a television episode to be sent to your TiVo if you could just TiVo it? I suppose if you forgot to TiVo something really important you might be willing to fork out $1.99, but you can always wait for the DVD and Netflix. If you are already a Netflix and TiVo user like myself, I see little need for this service. Thoughts?

kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I would totally pay $1.99 to download TV eps to Tivo. If I forget to record a show (or need to record multiple things at once *cough*ThursdayNights*cough*), I end up paying the two bucks to download the missed eps to my computer. I would much rather be able to watch them on my TV full sized than in a tiny window on my computer.
Chuck415 Chuck415 10 years
I'm actually very excited about this service. I love my Tivo, Slingbox and Netflix. But I really want movies on demand. I love on demand movies from my cable company but their selection of movies is pathetic. Apple TV has potential but you are limited with content from the iTunes store. And I don't want to buy movies, I just want to rent them. I've been wishing for a Netflix and Tivo partnership but that fell through. Netflix Watch Now is in beta but until I can watch it on my TV, I'm not interested. If Amazon unbox can get great movie titles, I'm definitely taking advantage of it. It doesn't sound like this service is on demand and you have to download the content before watching. Hopefully, I'm wrong? The only times I would watch TV shows using a service like this is for channels I don't get, i.e. HBO, Showtimes, etc. Ultimately, it will come down to the quality of the content and how quickly can they deliver it to my Tivo.
Iwillmarryunick Iwillmarryunick 10 years
Ok several things. 1. You have to download this "unbox" software onto your computer. PLUS the computer HAS TO BE running XP, which is total crap. 2. What about us MAC users? 3. What about us MAC users at home and at work we're running something less than XP?
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