The Kindle suffered its biggest debacle yet at the end of last week when it was discovered that the publisher of George Owell's Animal Farm and 1984 did not own the rights to the books — and Amazon complied by not only removing the books from the Kindle store, but by also remotely deleting the already-downloaded eBooks from Kindles. Woopsies!

The gaffe provoked a lot of outrage and questions — and it ascertained that electronic media is never actually yours. All this time I've been championing the Kindle (remember to enter our Kindle giveaway!), but I can't help but wonder if this will happen again.

Sure, we've known all along that the digital file version of music or a book is not the same as owning a CD or a hardbound book, but until last week, those notions could largely be dismissed as overly sentimental. Now? I'm hanging onto my copies of Harry Potter with both hands.


Naturally, Amazon has acknowledged their mistake and has pledged to change its systems in the future to ensure that already downloaded material won't be removed from Kindles.

What do you think?