News that our loyal tech-cake maker LilPeaPod still has not yet purchased a Kindle had me in a state of shock. According to Amazon, there's still a ton available, plus they've dropped the price to $359, yet she still doesn't have one? Why all the effort to produce a crazy-awesome Kindle cake if you weren't going to rush out and buy one the first chance you could? I'm guessing the blame lies with another must-have gadget.

Apparently this is the story across the board. The Kindle sold out during the first few months it was released, but sales have been dropping off ever since. According to Wired, our pals over at TechCrunch have a source that says Amazon sold a respectable 240,000 units in their first eight months, but that number is nowhere near what I thought it would be by now. Are people just not reading as much as they used to? Or is the price still too high? Honestly, I'm still considering one myself, but have yet to throw down the cash to buy. Do you own a Kindle?