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Amazon Pushes For Frustration-Free Packaging

How Important Is Gadget Packaging, Really?

Nothing will make you feel the rage of a ten year old on Christmas morning like a gadget shipped in packaging you can't open. Consumer Reports has detailed the reasoning behind the intense packages, including regulations that products shipped from abroad must be able to withstand travel and that all seals must be clearly tamper evident. Now, an initiative from Amazon aims to lead the charge for frustration-free packaging.

For more on the details (and why you should care), keep reading.

While packaging for goods sold in stores is unlikely to make the frustration-free switch (due to theft and the desire to create eye-catching displays), Amazon argues that online retailers operate in a different realm and should therefore have no problem switching from annoying clamshell plastic and other restrictive packages to well-designed and often eco-friendly cardboard designs. The initiative has been around for a few years (there's a reason Kindle boxes look the way they do!) but still receives limited support.

Frankly, one of the first things I notice about Apple products is their pretty and efficient packaging; Steve Jobs even made a point of pointing out how cute he found the packaging for the latest iPod Shuffle. I'm fairly certain that Apple has an entire design team devoted to creating well-designed, space efficient, and easy-to-maneuver packaging — there's no way that every company could manage the resources to do the same.


Still, the article makes some excellent points for changing packages for online retailers, including the impressive statistic that frustration-free packaging leads to a 73 percent reduction in negative feedback on I support Amazon's idea, anything that will spare me potential injury and is eco-friendly works for me! What do you think?

Source: Flickr User OmegaPoint

Akasha Akasha 7 years
I'm glad that my newest Kindle came in a more non-descript packaging. The last one said Kindle all over the outside of it and the UPS guy just left it at my front door. My neighbor happened to be walking by and saw it and seeing that it was a Kindle took it into his apartment and left me a note. Same thing with the Harry Potter limited edition book I got a friend for Christmas. It said Harry Potter all over it and with the press that it had been getting if my neighbor hadn't grabbed it I'm sure the thing would have been gone before I got home form work. Cute in store packaging is one thing but send a brown eco-friendly cardboard box, with appropriate padding. I also feel less guilty throwing those away.
Megatron Megatron 7 years
This happened to me last night! I ordered a previous generation Ipod Touch. The Amazon packaging was fine, it was the Apple packaging we couldn't figure out....
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 7 years
I like getting gardets in nice packaging. It is on the similar basis of wrapping a gift. So much more build up to opening, and appreciation shown from the giver.
Girrly007 Girrly007 7 years
I received my 3rd Kindle yesterday. The first two generations came in such cute packaging! The first was in a box shaped like a book that opened like a book. The second had a similar box as this one, but had cute phrases like "Once upon a time...". But this generation they've decided to skip the cutesy stuff. Kind of sad.
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